Best Beach Bars

Discover the top beach bars in Zakynthos, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and stunning views

Discover the top beach bars in Vasilikos, Laganas, and Zakynthos – the perfect spots to unwind, sip refreshing cocktails, soak up the warm sunshine, and take in the panoramic views of the stunning Greek islands. With their welcoming atmosphere, laid-back vibes, and exquisite drinks, these beach bars offer the ultimate beach experience that you don’t want to miss. From classic cocktails to innovative mixology, there’s something for everyone. And when it comes to food, you won’t be disappointed either, as the beach bars offer a wide range of delicious snacks and meals to satisfy your appetite. Whether you’re looking for a romantic sunset or a fun day out with friends or family, these beach bars have got you covered. So come and explore the vibrant beach culture of Zakynthos and indulge in the ultimate beach bar experience.

Ammos Beach Lounge Sun and Serenity

Ammos Beach Lounge is your slice of paradise nestled on the pristine shores of Saint Nicholas Beach in Vasilikos, Zakynthos. Here, the azure waters kiss the golden sands, and gentle sea breezes whisper tales of Grecian wonders. As you recline with a refreshing drink in hand, let the horizon steal your gaze, and the tranquil ambiance soothe your spirit. At Ammos, every moment is a dance of sun, sea, and serenity. Dive in and discover the epitome of beachside luxury.

Banana Baya

Banana Baya Zakynthos is a stunning Mediterranean destination known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by lush greenery and quaint villages, Banana Baya Zakynthos offers the perfect escape for travelers looking for relaxation and adventure. Whether you want to soak up the sun on the beach, explore the local culture and cuisine, or take part in water sports and outdoor activities, Banana Baya Zakynthos has something for everyone. Come and experience the magic of this beautiful destination today!

Porto Azzuro

The beach offers crystal-clear, azure-blue waters ideal for swimming, natural shade, and plenty of umbrellas and sun loungers for sunbathing on the golden sand or green lawns. There are changing rooms, outdoor showers, bar service on the beach, Wi-Fi internet connection, and spacious parking for beachgoers, as well as facilities for people with disabilities. A natural footpath between the sand and the rocks on the left-hand side of the beach leads to a very small beach full of grey-green clay, where bathers who appreciate the natural exfoliating properties go to enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath.

Noe Mavratzis

"Welcome to Noe, the ultimate beach club experience nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Zakynthos, Greece. Our beach club offers a fusion of relaxation, luxury, and vibrant energy, making it the perfect destination for an unforgettable beach getaway. Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed shores and crystal-clear waters as you unwind on our pristine beach, complete with plush loungers and umbrellas. Feel the warm sand between your toes and let the gentle sea breeze whisk your worries away."